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The Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation is a private family foundation established in Connecticut by Jeffrey P. Ossen to continue the family tradition of commitment to enhancing the quality of life of the Windham communities through grants to qualified charitable organizations. The Foundation will also consider other communities and international humanitarian organizations such as CARE which meet the Guidelines.

In carrying out its mission, the Foundation considers a wide range of proposals within the following areas: cultural arts, education and healthcare issues. The Foundation encourages collaborative efforts and integrated, comprehensive proposals.


Grants are made only to non-profit charitable organizations which are tax exempt under Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Generally, grants are limited to projects that benefit State of Connecticut. Occasionally, projects that benefit other states may be considered. The Foundation has set-aside $15,000.00 annually for special projects of interest to Elizabeth Ossen, Jacqueline Berkowitz and Carolyn Linkov, the daughters of Jeffrey P. Ossen.

The Foundation prefers to support proposals for new initiatives, special projects, and expansion of current programs.

The Foundation does not consider support for annual campaigns or endowments. Grants are not made to Individuals.

Grants from the Foundation are usually awarded for one year only. For projects in those areas in which the Foundation has a special interest, requests for multi-year and general operation support may be considered.

Only one grant application may be submitted in any twelve-month period. Organizations receiving grants are required to complete an evaluation report within three months after receipt of the funds.


The Board of Trustees meets semiannually to consider grant requests. Application must be received by November 1 and April 1 to be acted upon at the following meeting.

Applicants are welcome and applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with the Foundation’s staff either by telephone or in person.  Upon receipt of the completed proposal, staff may request additional information or schedule a site visit. Members of the Board of Trustees prefer not to be contacted directly.


To apply, submit one (1) set of the following items. Please do not staple material or place them in a bound notebook. Applicants may also apply on line and to follow with a hard copy.

1. Grant Application form completed, dated and signed by the chief Executive Officer or Chairman of the board of the organization.

2. Proposal of not more than two pages which includes (In this order):

a. A short Introductory paragraph with a concise statement of the purpose of the request and the amount requested;
b. A detailed project description covering the issue being addressed, what will be different and why it is important; the outcomes to be achieved; the plans for accomplishing the outcomes and project timetable; capacity of your organization to carry out the plans; if this is a collaborative effort, the role of each partner; how you will evaluate the success and effectiveness of the program;
c. A brief description of the history, mission and activities of your organization.

3.  Project Budget including both anticipated sources of income and projected expenditures.

4.  Organization Operating Budget for the current fiscal year including income (sources and amounts) and expenditures.

5. Board of Directors list with affiliations or occupations.

6.  Financials Statement audited if available, for the most recent complete fiscal year.

7.  Copy of IRS 501 © (3) Determination Letter.

8.  Optional materials may be submitted but are not required.

9.  When applying online, print the application before you submit the application for a hard copy.


  • Federally recognized, under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, organizations and most charitable, educational and civic institutions serving <            >.
  • In general, municipalities are a lower priority for discretionary grants, although special projects and programs facilitated by nonprofit organizations working within municipalities are considered.
  • In some cases, with the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation’s prior approval, organizations that do not have a tax exempt letter may submit a proposal under a sponsoring tax-exempt organization that will assume expenditure responsibility for the duration of the project.


  • In general, no grants will be awarded to individuals; religious institutions (unless the program benefits the community at large); endowments; capital campaigns; fundraising events; political or lobbying activities; budget expenses or deficits; retroaction funding, building or renovation projects.
  • Lower-priority proposals are those requesting routine expenses for established programs, although in some cases they may be considered at the discretion of the committee, particularly for essential services to those in need.
  • Funding for salary (but not fringe or agency overhead) may be considered for the person(s) directly facilitating the submitted project, typically for contracted specialists and persons hired specifically for a submitted project.
  • Funding for equipment or products may be considered, on a limited basis, when the equipment or product is a significant factor in the outcome of a program or project that meets the Foundation’s grant making goals.
  • Funding commitments are made on a yearly basis. Generally, in order to allow the Foundation to provide support to the broad community, requests for multi-year funding will not be considered, although organizations may reapply for funding annually. Some requests, particularly ones that do not provide essential services to those with significant needs, may be a lower priority after two or more years of continuing funding.

Application and Grant Determination Process

  • Proposals must be received or postmarked on or before the due date, in fairness to all applicants.
  • Applications are reviewed for eligibility: The required narrative format is used and the proposal does not exceed the 3-page limit. Applications include the Foundation’s cover sheet and provide the requested attachments or explain missing components.  Applications from organizations that have an outstanding report due on a prior year’s grant will not be considered. All required forms and information may be downloaded from our website at       
  • Following the initial review, Board of Trustees independently evaluate eligible proposals. The Board then may meet several times to jointly review and discuss proposals before making final determinations.
  • Letters of Award and a Terms & Conditions Agreement will be mailed to qualifying organizations approximately 3 months after the application due date.

Please call the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation, preferably well before the due date when time is more flexible, to discuss any questions related to your request. Please first thoroughly review the information provided on our website. Thank you. 

The Jeffrey P. Ossen Foundation is pleased to consider your grant request & thanks you for your interest in the Foundation.